Thursday, September 24, 2009

Imaginary Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Don't you have an online journal and a tumblelog already? Why another blog?
A: Because I feel like it, and LiveJournal is not what it used to be.

Q: Wait, what's a tumblelog?
A: It's an online scrapbook of anything you find on the internet--quotes, photos, videos, mp3s, links, etc. I find a ton of stuff online that I like, but don't feel like writing a full blog post about. Lolcats, for example. But I also use it as a gathering place for anything I think is important and worth reading.

Q: So what's at your LiveJournal?
A: My LiveJournal stretches back eight years. The vast majority of that is locked, but I have left some posts public. Right now, the public content is mostly an archive of my struggle with depression, anxiety, and IBS, starting about three years ago when I had a breakdown of sorts. Some of it is intensely personal, but I would rather people see what I've gone through, and maybe take solace that they're not alone, than keep everything hidden for my own protection. Mental illness is too often swept under the rug out of fear or shame.

Q: So... you're all better now?
A: Nope. I wage daily battles with depression, struggle often with anxiety, and I haven't had ice cream in three years (sigh). But I am doing much better than I used to be, thanks to a combination of therapy, drugs, mindfulness practice, dietary changes, and support from my friends and especially my family.

Q: Why do you have ads on your blog? Sellout.
A: Ah, but see, you can't sell out if you never sold in.

Q: That doesn't make any sense.
A: So's your face.

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